Infographic – 7 Ingredients for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy


We all know that content marketing is a dominant channel in the digital marketing ecosystem. We have compiled our top 7 essential steps, that will make sure you have a successful content marketing strategy.

Infographic - 7 Ingredients for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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1. Plan: The first essential ingredient in order to have a successful content marketing strategy, is to make sure you have a strategic plan for a content marketing strategy. It is important to have clearly defined objectives within your content marketing strategy to achieve desired outcomes.

2. Audience: The next important component to focus on to have a successful content marketing strategy is to make sure that your content that you create continually engages people i.e your audience.

3. Story: If you have a plan and know your audience and making them engaged with your content, you will need to have a story/message that you want to communicate to them. Not having a story to communicate with your audience, will make your content pointless.

4. Channels: Once you have created content that delivers a story and engages your desired audience. You will need to start distributing your content, and a good content marketing channel plan will make sure you have more than on content channel. That does not mean you should select every single channel that you can find and start distributing your channel through them. It is important to identify the right channels, which will deliver your message.

5. Process: The process involves selecting who will actually execute the aforementioned plans. Thus, it involves the actual content creation and distribution to different channel.

6. Conversions:  It is important to make sure that the amazing content that you have created is not one sided and that it is creating conversations, this is how the conversions is measured within content marketing strategies.

7. Measurement: As the content marketing strategy comes to an end the final step is to measure how your content marketing is performing. Questions that your measurements should ask include, how are the conversions? Are there a lot of conversations (comments, shares etc. happening?).




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Written by Ben Pirrie