Game ON Interactive behind the scenes with Digital Marketers
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Game ON Interactive behind the scenes with Digital Marketers, VR & Augmented Reality Developers

Our Managing Director, Ben Pirrie takes us through the long anticipated Game ON festival. Game ON Interactive is Sydney’s first technology conversion festival. It is a place where creative thinkers from gaming, game development, 3D production, VR & augmented reality all come together. Furthermore, Game ON Interactive also aims to collaborate marketing, advertising and technology industries together, and see how they can help each other.

Video Transcript

Ben Pirrie: We’re here at Game ON Interactive Sydney; Sydney’s first technology convergence festival, that’s celebrating some of the leading technology and creative thinkers in both gaming, game development, 3D production, VFX, VR, and augmented reality. It’s a place we’ve been celebrating people from all walks of marketing, advertising and obviously technology to really understand how we can work together, in a diverse way, and how we can actually use that in our internet marketing and our communication – as brands and organizations.

We were asked by Vivid Destination New South Wales to come to this amazing gaming expo, and put on a conference and select some of the best speakers in AR, VR, new technology, and advertising that really creates the kind of content that people want to learn and understand. We’ve had over two-thousand people come through the doors every single day, over the past three days for Game ON Interactive. For us it was just about a celebration of all the best new technology and gaming, there is in Australia and globally.

Our mission at Game ON Interactive is to really break people out of their niches and their industries. Because us, as digital marketers, don’t often get to communicate with some of the best minds and thinkers in animation and 3D and content production, so for us it’s about meeting, celebrating, and really understanding how we can collaborate on projects and how we can work better together for the better of content and gaming and advertising. For us it’s about breaking out of our molds and really kind of discussing ideas and new thinking that can really can disrupt market for everyone.

Game ON Interactive is really a place to celebrate, as we said, gaming and new technology. For attendees that come to this even we’ve really got a really big cross section of people who attend. We’ve got families and kids, experiencing all of the great activities that are happening all over the main room of the conference. They can explore games and meet with each other. There’s even a whole kind of tournament happening behind me and they’re playing for prizes and so on.

We’ve also got a professional conference as well; really led by some of the core of thinkers in advertising and gaming and technology. A lot of business owners who come here and really understand how far we can push technology and maybe take it home and get it to work for them in their own business. For us it’s really about educating, and really trying to understand the possibilities of what all this innovation is going to mean for business owners, and how they can get this stuff to really work for their business. And essentially find how technology can be used to drive and grow more sales and acquisitions.



Written by Ben Pirrie