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Game ON Interactive – Behind the Scenes with Ben Pirrie

Come in and take a look as the co-hosts of Game ON Interactive, take you behind the scenes of the cutting edge Interactive Games and Online Video Showcase. Explore how the showcase will expose you to unreleased games, prizes, giveaways, YouTube stars from all over the world, and conferences which will be run by the top industry thought leaders.

Video Transcript

Mike Jay:

It really excites me, I think it’s the whole platform that we’re involved in with Game On which is really exciting for me. It’s that, “emerging technology”. I think we’re seeing a really exciting convergence at the moment. We’re getting a lot of things coming together. Previously, you had media, TV, mobile, games, video, and all of these were separate. Now, we’re starting to see all of them come together. I think this is a very exciting time in the media landscape, as all of this convergence happens. And things start becoming applicable for everybody.

We’ve got a number of different spaces there. We’ve got a really big production that we’re putting on. The main stage is in a big area. There’s two things happening, concurrently, with Game On. The expo is very much games focused. That will have a lot of things like unreleased games. A huge area with lots of screens that people can go in and play unreleased games, lots of prizes, lots of giveaways. There will be a stage with all of the YouTube stars from all over the world coming in. Then, the conference, which is more of an industry focused thing. It’s a thought leadership series of events by industry thought leaders who are coming in to give us a little bit of a primer on a lot of the technology that is coming out and available. I thought, as an audience, what are people going to want? Even if they don’t have that much of a background knowledge of it, as a primer. It’s not going to very technical. It’s mostly going to be about opportunity. To explain things in a very simple manner to people so they can get a primer on things like Oculus Rift.

Ben Pirrie: Gamification, for me, is around having that real-time emergence of data associated with gaming or interactions with an interface. We’re seeing a huge emergence of the health and mobility sector. The night run app, for example. Where you get in this real-time biometrics around your health and well-being. Whether how far you can run, your diet, that kind of stuff. It’s a really interesting time where we can get a lot of data around things that are important to us in life, and make real-time decisions from the consumer. From a brand or business perspective, we’re having a really interesting time because we’re getting real-time data from consumer’s behavior. The way they track the brands. The way they communicate. The way they share and like. And we can start to aggregate that content and data, and make informed business decisions.



Written by Ben Pirrie