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9 Surefire Strategies That Create Stellar Content Marketing

Many of us find ourselves wasting a good hour or two on the Internet just because there was an article that caught our attention. It all starts with something like this – you were about to go to sleep, or get back to work after a quick break, but a headline catches your attention and doesn’t let go. When you come to your senses 10 minutes later, your fingers have already clicked on it and you have already read halfway through it! Is this some kind of magic, or is there more to content marketing than meets the eye?

How do you create a compelling content and package it in such a way that it pops, luring people of all ages to consume it and most importantly, share it within their social circles?

Here are 9 techniques to get you started down the viral content marketing path:

1. It’s All In The Numbers!

See what I did here to make you curiously click on this article to know what the content is about? Creating lists and counting down is one way to create a very effective pull that draws potential readers in. What you’re doing is tapping into the human psyche and their fascination with numbers. Everything from tips, strategies and benefits can be broken down into lists that people love to see. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the numbered path makes the content easier to read and digest. You will also have the chance that a reader may agree completely with it and share it as if it were their own. Or disagree and leave comments that can engage other readers. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Riding Off The Back of Popular Events & News
Tying together current events with relevant content in your own niche is a great way to capitalise on the latest news that is already trending. Readers will have formed an opinion therefore your content presents another engagement opportunity for them to share their thoughts and shine a spotlight on your content. Bonus of this tactic – content creation is quick and easy with numerous articles already floating around online.

3. Riding Off The Calendar and Holidays

Same as #2 but a fascinating point that deserves its own number. Studies prove people love holidays and what better way to gain attention and exposure than by joining the crowd? Local businesses and large companies have long since realized the marketing potential of celebrating local and global events alike with much success. Their business pages have a large following simply because they create content marketing that is abreast with the times, using holiday moments to celebrate collectively. People will more likely pass your content along to others to show their civic spirit and sense of community pride!

4. Shatter Common Myths and Misconceptions

How would you feel if everything that you believed in was a lie? Or in terms of content marketing, content claims that a popular concept or way of thinking about a particular business or belief was wrong? Wouldn’t it compel you to click on that and read everything that you could? Challenging people’s beliefs are a way to engage them in defending what they stand for, or what they thought they knew. Busting a myth is also a great way to introduce your customized content and make you look like the expert on a topic. Remember that if you are employing this strategy, to prepare a solid explanation with actual facts to back up your content.

5. Challenge The Norms And People’s Way Of Thinking

Riding against the flow is another amazing method when aiming for success in content marketing. A good example of challenging content that attracts viewers holding a common perspective can be found in the lines of “Why Straight-A Students Make Bad Businessmen”, or “Why Complete and Total Failure Should Be Your Bedfellow”. Package the content in a way that it is an eye opening read for those who have not encountered it before.  Re-shaping someone’s way of thinking will encourages actions which will engage others in their network who most likely believe in the same norms.

6. A Fantastic Title Is Worth A Thousand Words

With so many different kinds of content on the internet, it’s virtually impossible to read all of them in their entirety. That’s why you should carefully consider each piece of content’s title before marketing it to your audience. Most of the time people read or scan only for headlines that catch their attention, so make it count! Titles should be catchy enough to warrant the click but shouldn’t  mislead or contain irrelevant content once on page. You can summarize whole content in a flashy package or use it as a teaser that people’s curiosity will gravitate towards even if they are not actively searching for that type of content.

7. Utilize Pop Culture and Famous Celebrities

Even better than calendars or a local event, is the abundance of content available surrounding pop culture and global artists. It takes little effort tying your content in with their extreme lifestyles & the never-ending gossip stream! This includes the latest blockbuster movies, TV series and global phenomenon’s. Fans simply can’t resist engaging with content involving their favorite Hollywood stars.

8. Millions and Percentages

“How These 3 Entrepreneurs Went From Dirt Poor To Raking In Millions Each Month!” is a great example of using percentages and number to rope in viewers. People love statistics as much as lists, so make sure to incorporate this strategy every chance you get. Percentages are twice as effective in bringing in shares especially if they are focused on a statistically significant scope.

9. Something That Should Be Avoided
Like a parent teaching life lessons to their child or wisdom passed down by experts, this strategy is directed towards people looking to learn before experiencing firsthand. Content is easily humanized through relatable trials & tribulations. Preventing potential mishaps or learning what others have done incorrectly can be invaluable in saving readers their own time and efforts. After all, we would rather avoid common pitfalls than experience them ourselves in a firsthand manner, wouldn’t we?

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Written by Ben Pirrie