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7 Growth Hacking Tactics that will help your Business go Viral

As many of you might be aware, growth hacking is nothing but a better way to describe how marketing is carried for any kind of business organisation. Be it a start-up or a larger business venture- in the age of social media networking, growth hacking is one of the most popular methods of increasing and streamlining your viewership. Not only is it an effective method of marketing, but the application of it is such that you can reach out to multiple users in a speedy and efficient manner. In this article we take a look at some of the top ways in which to use growth hacking to your advantage.

Top Ways of Applying Growth Hacking Tactics

If you are a business entrepreneur, one of the few things that you are bound to focus on is profit maximisation. Since growth hacking is an innovative and efficient method of marketing, it is one of the more preferred methods of increasing viewership and allowing for financial success. The top ways that one can employ growth hacking techniques to his/ her advantage are:

1. Keeping in mind what the customer wants: Needless to say, the customer in this case is god. Always keep in mind that you are serving the user and not the other way round. It is for this reason that one must keep in mind three things:

· What the customer wants

· Where the customer lives

· And, what language the customer uses on a daily basis.

When it comes to perfecting your marketing tools, be it through search engine optimisation or otherwise, accurately reading your customer’s desires and location is one of the most important things. This adherence to the wishes of the customers is touted as the fundamental reason for a company’s success and growth hacking is an essential tool to implement this principle.

2. Automating: The best part about growth hacking is that it follows the less talk, more action’ philosophy. This means that it is more about doing and less about analysing numbers or any other data. It is to this effect that one should focus on automating. The best ways to implement automating is by applying it to a number of avenues. How you should efficiently go about it is in the following manner:

  1. Making sure that sitemap.xml is being generated programmatically and being submitted to Google or Bing periodically.
  2. Using Rich Snippets that can add an element of novelty to your content and also allow for greater viewership and public focus.

The idea, in short, is to turn every model in the database into an automatic public facing content in order to maximise the online visibility of your company.

3. Designing and Running a Blog: Since we have been talking about commenting and publishing content, the most obvious growth hacking technique for ultimate profit maximisation must be dealt with. In case the hint isn’t clear yet, we are speaking of blogging. The two things that must be blogged about in your company’s post are:

· The subject that you deal with and;

· Any related subjects that might be useful to the reader.

Therefore, if I am the owner of a second hand garage, not only will I be blogging about the services I offer, but I will also include some useful content about car accessories and other related matters. In order to increase the appeal of your blog, feel free to add pictures, videos and other related topics that are trending on social media circuits.

4. Publishing Guest Posts: Taking the idea of social accessibility and visibility forward, we now talk about some guest posting. While this is not a necessary growth hacking tactic, it is definitely one of the foremost ways to project an image of you that is efficient, professional and informative. Posting guest posts on blogs that have been popular is one of the surest ways to divert traffic onto your blog or website. The use of SEO in this case is highly recommended as it will allow for a more streamlined internet viewership.

5. Sharing Content: One of the biggest drawbacks that many entrepreneurs face is that they do not have enough of a public face. In order to change that, there are some things that should be focused on in terms of blog or website contents. These are:

  1. Publishing the content: This is a must! Instead of waiting for someone else to publish it for you, you could find relevant and apt Subreddits and publish the matter yourself.
  2. Commenting and Being Active on Social Media: Whether it comes to Quora, Facebook or other related blog posts, you can always comment in a useful and informative manner. Needless to say, this is bound to draw the reader’s attention to your own blog post and allow for a streamlined, maximised viewership.
  3. Get people on your team to buffer and encourage maximum buffering every time you post something useful.

6. Forcing Virality: Take blogging and content writing to the next level to allow for a more interactive space on your website. So, for instance, you might employ put up a game – related to your content- that, at some point, forces the user to invite another person to play. As you can anticipate, the result of this is an immediate doubling of the viewership that is bound to favourably affect your website rankings.

7. Instigate Social Campaigns: One of the best ways to increase viewership is by instigating social campaigns and re-tweeting. Post something that appeals to a certain target audience and encourage them to re-tweet it or post it on Facebook. You can also make this a contest with a prize if you truly want a faster method to increase readership.

When it comes to optimising the marketing technique using growth hacking, the two major areas that need focusing are meeting customer demands and automating. As we have seen, the techniques are not very elaborate and only need some basic tweaking and following up to make it work smoothly. Overall, if you are a part of a business entrepreneur, using growth hacking to streamline internet traffic is bound to lead to an ultimate maximisation of profits and sales.



Written by Govind