12 Social Media Experts Share How To Improve Facebook Organic Reach
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12 Social Media Experts Share How To Improve Facebook Organic Reach

Facebook organic reach has been declining over the past few years. If you haven’t seen our infographic yet that clearly illustrates this check it out.

All the big people in media and marketing understand that this an issue even Gary Vaynerchuk made a video about Facebook Organic Reach (and other stuff, because he is quiet and entertaining person).

So what do we do? Have a look at what 12 Digital Marketing experts recommend doing in order to recover from the declining facebook organic reach.


1. Use The Golden Ratio Method

“Keep your sales pitch down to that 1 post that drives them to your site for a compelling special offer or deal. The 10-4-1 ratio flows with the interests of users on Facebook. Get past the “sell” posts and realize that the social connecting actually helps your reach improve.”

Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich

Co-Founder, TabSite



  • By using the 10-4-1 ratio, the ‘10’ represents for the 10 posts that are completely not sales related, or not even related to your brand. Just 10 posts that are good quality information that are ‘helpful, fun, entertaining and social’.
  • The ‘4’ represents for the 4 posts that are associated to your brand. But you do not sell anything in these 4 posts.
  • The ‘1’ as said in the above quote is the actual sales pitch, where you sell the actual product/service of your business.


2. Post the Evergreen Content Type

“For those that have noticed a decline, the best way to fight declining reach (and still get value from your Facebook presence) is very easy: you need to realize that there is content that will impact your bottom line (new product or feature launch, discount or promotion, etc.) and invest in paid reach for those posts.”



Emeric Ernoult

Founder & CEO, AgoraPulse



  • Emeric explains how there is essentially only two types of content. Content that is directly related and impacts to the product, and content that is impacts the brand awareness.
  • When it comes to brand awareness, the key to success is to post more frequently. Even reposting the content that worked well before is a good idea.
  • The type of content has to be ageless, and still relate and engage the facebook audience – when it is reposted.


3. Create a Sense of Action within your Post

“It might sound too easy but believe it or not people actually tend to do what you ask for in your posts. Do you want more shares? Ask them and give them a reason to share. Do you want comments or likes? Explain why! You’ll be surprised at how often this works. Keep in mind that the more engagement you get, the more likely you are to generate a “viral” effect.”


Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

CEO & Founder, Zebra Advertisement



  • Asking users for shares and giving a good reason to, is a simple yet effective form of increasing organic outreach.
  • One example tactic that social media marketers use is for brands are, give 5 reason why you would like our service/business, and receive a chance to win 1 year’s supply for free. Other example actions include ‘tag 5 friends on comments’, share on your page etc.


4. Boost the Worthy Posts

“I run a bounce house business through Space Walk on the side and recently I boosted a post for just $20 to announce the arrival of a brand new, massive water slide. I targeted the post at existing fans and their friends and limited it to a 25-mile radius from my town.

Due to that one initial post I have now had 20 reservations in less than two months! That equates to roughly $6000 in revenue. Not everyone booked the unit after directly seeing the post but within the first five days, I had nine reservations and an additional 11 referrals since then from friends or family members of those initial nine reservations.”


Scott Ayres

Author of Facebook All-in-One for Dummies and blogger at Post Planner


  • Scott has definitely made a killing with a $20 paid post. Creating a highly valuable content/post on facebook, and then carefully selecting which one to boost can definitely make a large profit.
  • Now you might think boosting a post within your current follower would be a waste of money, and you should just spend the money on targeting facebook users that are not currently following your page/business. However, boosting your post to your current followers is an excellent remarketing strategy that will bring a high conversion rate.


5. Give it the Personal Touch   

“Trying to game the system only works for so long until the EdgeRank algorithm gets updated. Giving your audience an inside and personal look into your business will always be met with positive results.

Personal content can include text posts about how you’re feeling that day or a random thought or question for your audience. You’ll be surprised at the responses you’ll get from a simple photo of you from somewhere you just went on business. Or a video message to your audience. Or behind-the-scenes of something you’re working on. There are so many ways to connect with your audience in a way that shows them the “real” side of your business. And these posts will generally tend to garner more clicks, more likes, more comments, and even more shares.”


Jenn Herman

Social Media Strategist, Jenn’s Trends



  • Essentially, treat your facebook audience like your facebook friends, and give your posts a personal touch.
  • By doing this you will notice how your facebook audience engage more with your content. And when your facebook audience engage more with your content, facebook will consider your content to be of higher value. And when facebook considers your content to be of higher value – then your posts will get a higher reach!


6. Post during the Off Peak hours

“It might seem counterintuitive but try posting at 2am daily. We’ve seen it work consistently for hundreds of pages, large and small. You have less competition at that hour, which gives you a running start into 6am, when the traffic picks up. If you’re a real pro, run $1 a day micro-targeted ads to get reach with workplace targets.”


Alex Houg

CEO, BlitzMetrics



  • It’s like flicking through the TV at 2am, you are looking for something good to go on – but you just can’t find anything good to watch. But then when it is Saturday movie night, you have all the best movies you would like to watch, and you don’t know what to watch.
  • Your facebook posts work the same way, yes there would be less people on facebook during that time. But at the end of the day, you are going to get a higher audience reach! And the same amount of people are going to viewing your facebook post/content.
  • What’s the difference then? The cost and the competition, is much less.


7. Get People Talking

“I believe a page’s People Talking About This (PTAT) score is a tangible sign of how Facebook views and ranks that page in the News Feed. If a page has a low percentage of PTAT for the amount of people that like that page, Facebook will penalize them with decreased post exposure. On the flip side, if a page has higher PTAT relative to the total amount of fans, Facebook rewards them by showing posts to more of their fans and beyond.”


Holly Homer

Founder, Kids’ Activities Blog




  • The PTAT is definitely an important factor within Facebook’s algorithm to get your post ranking within your audience’s News Feed.
  • Sharing post from a page, will bring a good PTAT score – so posting funny posts that people would like to share on their pages would be a good strategy.
  • However, just sharing a post or page does not necessarily mean that you are going to get a high out reach. If you share or tag a page that has a poor PTAT score, it can destroy your facebook outreach, and bury your posts alive.


8. Make the Content do the hard Marketing work for you

“The continuing drop in organic reach on Facebook is affecting some pages more than others but the majority of pages are feeling the pinch to one degree or another. My suggestion is to focus on posting content that will get shared but you also need to think beyond the immediate share you get when someone clicks the share button. The power of social media is not in selling directly but in inspiring and motivating others to do it for you.”


Hugh Briss

Founder, Social Identities



  • It’s all about the posting right content that will make your users like your content. Spend more money on creating high quality content and posts. There is no point in creating poor quality content, and then spending a lot of money into marketing/paid posts. So make sure you spend a decent amount to create high quality content.
  • If the content is really good, not only would your audience go out of their way to share on their facebook pages, but also tweet it and distribute it on other social channels!


9. A new King rules the Kingdom

“It’s more important than ever to join and contribute to discussions happening on your Facebook page. The more engagement your post receives, the higher the EdgeRank score. This means it will remain higher up the News Feed, allowing more users to interact and see that content. A simple way to achieve this for your business is to participate and provide feedback in the comments stream when asking questions on the page. This is not only a great way to increase comments but also build a stronger relationship with your audience.”


Ravi Shukle

Social Media Strategist



  • They say that Content is King. However, in facebook Conversation is King as well! The more discussion/interactivity/engagement that your audience make i.e. comments, shares, likes. Facebook’s algorithm will favour your post and make it rank higher on your audience’s newsfeed.


 10. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

“If your Facebook Page is starting to see a decline in organic reach, even though you’re posting like you always have, you’re probably not doing anything wrong. Facebook organic reach is declining because Facebook changed its algorithms. As a general rule, the best way to combat declining reach in one area is to boost reach everywhere else.”


Jim Belosic

Overlord, ShortStack



  • Look at your overall Goals and KPI for your business, and don’t just solely rely on facebook to achieve them. Yes, facebook is a major social media platform – but scatter your eggs.
  • Your overall goal is make sure your audience is engage, this can be achieved by email, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other useful platform you can find.
  • By driving traffic from multiple sources, the overall reach will be increased.


 11. Use the power of Facebook Insights

“The more you know about your audience, the better. Facebook Insights is a proprietary analytics platform that provides of variety of different data sets to help page owners measure the performance of their content. Currently Facebook Insights is broken down into five separate tabs: Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts, and People.”


Brandon Seymour

Writer, Search Engine Journal 



  • Have a look at what the age of your audience is, what kind of content they like and are engaging in. Collect all the data you can about your audience and post engagement – once you have done this you will be to use this data, to create posts that will bring you the highest level of facebook organic reach.


12. Post Quality Content, But Less Often

“We’re living in an age of content overload, and Facebook is no exception. According to Facebook, “Of the 1,500+ stories a person might see whenever they log onto Facebook, News Feed displays approximately 300.” As a Facebook marketer, you’re fighting for one of those precious spots.”

Ishita Ganguly

Social Media Examiner


  • The final expert that shares their thoughts is from Social Media Examiner. As we can see from the above statement, each post has a 20% fighting chance of it being able to reach your audience.
  • Does that mean you should be creating content 5 times more that you currently are, in order to deliver information to your audience? Not at all.
  • Focus, on creating quality not quantity. Creating more content will not necessarily mean you are going to get more love from facebook. So what will bring more love from facebook? Quality will bring you more love. As we have mentioned a few times over this post, I am sure by now you have gotten sick of it – quality, will bring more engagement from your users. And when your content has more engagement, it will get your content ranked – as there is a higher chance of it reaching to your audience news feed.


If you would like more information on how to create a successful social media marketing strategy for your business, contact us today.



Written by Govind